Deary deary me

I never thought that I would ever try giving a blog a go but there's a lot of WIP and rambling (speculation on different subjects) that I want to slap up somewhere and well, why not in a blog, tried wiki's and all that but they are just too much upkeep. I'll of course keep updating my Deviantart account with the bulk of my finished art work but most sketches and unfinished works will most likely spring up here at some point in the future.

So why am I posting things here rather than just keeping my behind on Deviantart? Mostly to avoid the favourite system, I have a horrible habit of becoming competitive over the number of faves my work receives and I really just want to stomp that out. Not to mention the journal system feels inadequate for taking copious amounts of rubbish on about things I like and often speculate over like a geek.

I suppose the next few months or so will be taken up mostly by Skulduggery fan work and concept designs, yes I'm hooked, the books are so damn awesome and need a hell of a lot more attention than they already have. A HELL of a lot more for god sakes! That being said there is the movie supposedly still on its way, though I've not heard much else on that, sadly.

And so here is the first WIP which has actually been floating around for a while now:

I've only just been able to actually start anything on it what with my foot being horribly swollen from Cellulitis (Which is thankfully now starting to disappear thanks to this foul-tasting medicine mmmm). Still undecided if I should go full colour on Mr Pleasant there or try Black & White.

Decisions, Decisions.