Commission Updates

Well so much for me keeping this thing updated, In fact I totally forgot about it because I did start blabbing on in my DA journal instead. So I think I may just keep this for WIP's on current work and commission works for people to check up on, seems a lot better than constantly emailing and noting people, unless they ask for it of course. I have a whole bunch of work upcoming, commissions and personal, quite a few Skulduggery Pleasant images too, Which is awesome, I miss drawing the guy.

So without further babbling, here is the first of... one commission update.

The first being Ravean's Jasmine in the shading stages, I've still yet to make adjustments to her skin tone so it blends more with the background. Trying to figure out how to shade feathers is a little trippy but I'm hoping it looks ok so far.

In other news I've decided to make myself a new persona. Well not new per-say, she's been around for ages, she simply got a design update. The reason for this is I don't feel as if my dragonsona or fursona really reflected me as a whole. My dragon sona was actually a character in an RP before I saw that nearly everyone on Deviantart had one, I was pretty new to the concept at the time too, so it was like "I gotta get me one of dem :I" but I didn't really think it through I guess. However, now that I've given it thought I'm a lot more happy with a humanoid persona, and actually going back to a character that's long represented me: