A Skulduggery Collab

Woops, just short of that promised weekly update but oh well, not like much was really going on anyway. So yea, I nuked my DA journal because having two (the journal and blogger) seemed somewhat redundant to me, I'll still most likely use my DA journal for important news THAT EVERYONE MUST BE MADE AWARE OF, but I'll keep my blabbing on here, as it was designed for.

Anyway, onto my main point. A few people on Deviantart have suggested that I try and do a Collaboration image with Tom Percival, needless to say a Skulduggery one. Now while that would be incredibly awesome, I'm apprehensive about such an endeavour, mostly about contacting him or even Derek. Not that I know how to contact Tom but what would they think? I'd feel kind of bad in a sense for bringing the idea up, I'm just the Fan Artist here after all, I'm not sure I have the business to be suggesting ideas such as that. Is my art skill even on-par for such an undertaking? I'd like to think it's improved a lot from the first Skulduggery images, and indeed just a lot in general recently, action poses in general as the Skulduggery commission sketch for tinasboy below shows.

Incidentally I hope this is the direction in which you are hoping for the action shot to go. I still have a bit more work to do the sketch so far and the gun will be interesting to draw as I usually don't draw such things.

Ravean's commission is slowly moving along as well, as I sit wondering how I'm going to colour those beautiful long feathers and not totally make a bodge job out of it, that's really the last thing I want to happen since I'm very proud of it so far. Sorry about the missing background, I had to take it away and crop the image since the huge size was making my computer cry with every undo or save.

And lastly a personal sketch I had been... sketching a month or so back for Halloween, but I never really got round to finishing it as you can see. I will complete it however, once some more commissions are out of the way, just don't know what I was thinking with it...

You want him, you know it.